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Original Course
Fun yet life changing! The Live Authentically class taught me simple skills that changed how I navigate life. Goodbye negative thoughts and high stress levels! Curious to figure out what you really want and are meant to be doing? Thanks to Martha, a most compassionate and enthusiastic teacher, I've figured it out and even came away with a plan to make it happen. I highly recommend this class.
- J. Gignoux, small business owner and Reiki Master Teacher
Original Course

Live Authentically is a playful course that is designed to help you to discover your inner potential and to gain insight into the big questions in life such as "Who am I? What am I here to do? What's stopping me?" and "How can I create the life I want?" Creativity in the classroom is inspired by using humor, games, collage, journaling, and more as we explore topics that include communication, personality, values, strengths, time, stress, money, life purpose, and goals. You will complete the course with a new awareness of who you are, intention statements of what you intend to do and be, and an action plan designed to implement your new vision of yourself. The program will be set up with guidelines that encourage personal growth and wellness in a safe and confidential environment.

  • Offered in a group setting as a 30 hour course in the following increments: 3 hours once per week, 3 weekends, or as a full 30 hour week

  • Offered as a private session for 10 hours as scheduled with participant

The Original Course is also offered as a theme based course and will be tailored to the needs of the group or person.
Themes are:

Individuals – Gain insight into yourself and live your life on purpose with purpose. Learn to trust your intuition, listen to yourself, and make conscious choices that reflect your deepest desires.

Healthy Lifestyle – Understand your behavior, clarify your intentions, set goals, and create your personal lifestyle plan for health and wellness that matches who you are.

Leave Your Legacy –Pay tribute to your life as you share your stories, wisdom and experiences with the next generation by creating a timeline, journaling, mask making, portfolio, and more.

Educators – Reduce stress, improve wellness, understand yourself and others to increase cooperation, use clear communication, and engage in creative learning projects that will help you and your students to thrive in the classroom. This course can be used for professional development credits.

Health care professionals, counselors, and social workers – Learn to take care of yourself, set personal boundries, communicate clearly, relieve stress and live in wellness as you care for so many others. This is an opportunity to nurture and honor yourself and share your new techniques with your clients and patients.

Thrive in the Workplace - Business leaders, take the course yourself then coach your employees to understand each other, communicate clearly, reduce stress, manage time, recognize strengths and values of the staff and the business, build personal portfolios and construct a timeline of the business, produce a mission statement, intentions, goals, and action plans. Or, offer the course as training for staff days. Workshops for individual topics are also available.

Career Development - A significant personal awareness tool to help you to discover new potentials for your professional goals, career change, or developing a new business. Learn proactive methods to make your career dreams a reality.

Retirement or empty nest – As one phase of life ends, another begins. Discover yourself in new exciting ways and see the opportunities that await you.

Moms – Take time to refresh, rejuvenate, and nurture yourself so that you can do the same for your family. Leave the guilt at home!

Additional Information

  • Location can be at your place of business or home and at various venues

  • E-mail, mail and phone courses are available for full course and workshops

  • Destination retreats will soon be available.
Upcoming Courses

Place: dG's Bodyworks
Proctorsville, VT
Date: Sept 9th - Nov 18th
Time: 9:00 am - 12:00 pm
Description: Live Authentically Wellness Course
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