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Workshops include an introduction to the topic, a creative activity that relates to it and practical application of the material. The time will vary depending on whether it occurs as a group or an individual session.

  • Three hour, day long, weekend workshops, and weekend retreats are available to groups and will be tailored to your needs.

  • Workshops are available to individuals by the hour


Communication - Learn subtle yet powerful methods to encourage you to speak with clarity and confidence and improve the way you relate to yourself and others.

Enneagram – A detailed and accurate personality system helps you to understand yourself and those around you thus increasing understanding and reducing conflict.

Values and Strengths – Explore and acknowledge what is important to you and identify the inner strengths that keep you grounded, motivate you to succeed, and that you draw from when facing challenges.

Birth Order – Understand how your birth order influences your life and discover how you can use your special qualities to your advantage.

Stress and Time Management – Uncover how you use your life hours and make conscious choices for improvement that empowers you to release stress and live the life you want.

The Psychology of Money – Understand how your beliefs are reflected through money and learn techniques to gain control and transform your money habits.

Life Purpose – Creatively tease out and connect with your life purpose and transcribe it into a powerful and personal statement that reminds you of your mission in life.

Intentions, Goals, and Action Plan – Implement your life purpose using intentions that clarify what you want. Write goals that support your intentions and create an action plan to guide you in keeping your promises to yourself.

Journaling – Discover the power of journaling as you find your voice and tell your story by taking the time to talk to yourself and reflect back to you your feelings and thoughts. Notice what makes you unique through acknowledgements and feel happier about your life with gratitudes.

Mask Making – Make a plaster mask of your face that reveals a three dimensional view not available to you through a mirror or photo. You gain a new perspective about what you look like and who you are through the process of making and decorating your mask. Material fees apply.

Portfolio – Compile your documents in an organized manner so they are easy to find and in good shape. A portfolio reveals your strengths, values, and accomplishments, shows you how you use your time, and can give you a boost in confidence. An alternate way to create a portfolio is to create a book of possibilities that holds your desires for your future.

Attitude – Discover how your attitude affects you physically, emotionally, and mentally and how you can choose happiness! Even optimists will learn something new.

Timeline – Create a timeline of your life as a way to honor who you are and your experiences as well as seeing patterns in your life that reveal what is important to you. It is a visual and tangible representation of your life.

Healing Ceremony – Create a personal ceremony that helps you to acknowledge and release the past, feel peace in the present, and start fresh for the future.

The 3 Principles (Also known as Health Realization) – Reduce stress and anxiety by letting your thoughts go, being in the moment, tapping into your own inner wisdom, and deep listening. These powerful techniques can transform your life and open you to the deepest part of yourself.

Rite of passage – There are many ways that we mark passages in our lives such as going to school, Communion, Bat/Bar Mitzvah, graduations, weddings, and high school reunions. As we age, the opportunities for formal rites of passage lessen, however, the process of a rite of passage still happen. Learn what your personal process is and learn ways to acknowledge your transformation.

Additional Information

  • Location can be at your place of business or home and at various venues

  • E-mail, mail and phone courses are available for full course and workshops

  • Destination retreats will soon be available.
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Place: Available on line, by mail or by phone
Description: Workshops include an introduction to the topic, a creative activity that relates to the topic, and practical application of the material.

$500.00 per person

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